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Hello and welcome


Anna Fisher Healing is a transformational healing space which provides a safe, nurturing and empowering place to help you to rediscover & express the magic of who you truly are from your heart.

Simply you being you.

Living your life fearlessly, authentically, joyfully, creatively, healthily, abundantly, limitlessly and full of love.

When we don’t process or address our thoughts, feelings and emotions, they build up over time, which can leave you feeling anxious, depressed, fearful, not good enough, unlovable and so on.

This can also leave our bodies to have discomfort and dis-ease and living a very limited version of the life that is available to you and one which you truly deserve.

Letting go of old conditioning, negative thought patterns, parental patterning, memories, sub-conscious hidden ego agendas, trauma and so on, really helps you to heal on a cellular level, making it easier to move forward, whilst getting to the heart of the matter.

Everybody’s healing journey is different and therefore the healing will take place at a time and pace that is always in alignment with you and for your best, highest and kindest good.

You are your own healer and therefore it is your responsibility for how you receive and process the healing, along with being willing to learn and action new skills and concepts enabling your healing to be transformational and have longevity.

Therefore compassion, commitment and patience is key.

As you come home to yourself, you will naturally rediscover and reawaken your own gifts, talents and magic, which makes the journey even more beautiful.

Healing isn’t about there being something wrong with you, it’s about nurturing all aspects of yourself back to wholeness and your greatness.

"If you're going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can't be erased."

Maya Angelou

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A little bit about me...


Hello and thank you again for being here!

I live in Norfolk with my son Louis, his girlfriend and my husband of 24 years Mark.

I love cake, interior design, flowers, birds, music, the sea, pugs, nature, films and arty stuff. I also love to chat about all things weird and wonderful and having fun with friends.

Since I was born I have been able to sense and communicate with spirit, with nature and could always tell what was going on for people. 

Mum always said that from the moment I was born, she would come into the room and find me either pointing or chatting away to something.

Between the age of 5-7, for various reasons, everything began to feel too much for me and I shut myself down and withdrew into myself very deeply and stayed there for a long long time.

I didn’t know how to express myself and became very fearful and emotionally unavailable, which didn’t bode very well for me during my teens and early 20’s.

After a particularly difficult period in my life I had a reading by a psychic who encouraged me to read a book called The Prospering Power of Love by Catherine Ponder.  I did and it changed the trajectory of my life. 

It also began my love affair with the Angels and my husband not long thereafter.

I then started sitting on psychic development circles and in 1999 (aged 25) I became a practitioner of my first healing modality Magnified Healing and haven’t really stopped learning since.

Even though I have always had natural intuitive and healing abilities, I did not naturally have a lot of self love and in my late 30’s, when the intense anxiety that I had always felt, became way too much to handle and control my real deep healing journey began. This was when I committed to myself fully and have not really stopped ever since.  

And so it is and here I am.

I have always viewed the world very differently and have always believed that anything is truly possible. I also believe that within each of us is an incredible amount of innate love, power and wisdom that once accessed and rediscovered can truly change the world.

Within all of my sessions, as much as I love to help people to feel and heal better, I also love empowering people to hone and rediscover their own magical healing talents and psychic abilities, which when combined, creates a truly unique transformational outcome.

Please know that whatever you share with me, will always be met with absolute non-judgement and confidentiality. I will also always continue to evolve myself both personally and spiritually to help provide you with a healing space where you feel safe, empowered and inspired to live your life and express yourself fearlessly and from your heart.

With love

Anna xo

"There is a magic within you that nobody else has access to.
You owe it to yourself to rediscover it and share it with the world"

Anna Fisher

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Healing tips from me to you with love

Healing is loving and accepting all parts of yourself back to wholeness, even those that you are not particularly proud of or dislike. Be patient and be kind. Love what was and what is ♡

If you have any questions or would like an informal chat, please don't hesitate to contact me.

with love Anna xo

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