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Transformational Energy Healing
And Intuitive Guidance

Anna Fisher Healing provides a safe, empowering and nurturing space for you to receive energy healing and intuitive & practical guidance helping you to release the blocks that stop you from living your life & expressing yourself fully from your heart 

Thank you for being here

Anna Fisher Healing is having a refresh, so please bear with me as I update my website.

In the meantime, please see below for information and bookings for sessions and visit my social media pages for regular updates, inspirational posts, videos and lots of other lovely stuff.


Transformational Divine Healing Sessions - £65 

90 Minutes On-Line Only

These signature sessions are beautiful healing space for those of you who would like a more thorough healing, so that you can identify, let go, heal and transform any old beliefs, sub-conscious hidden ego agendas and anything else that has been getting in your way and holding you back. You will also receive some beautiful energy healing, clearings and intuitive guidance throughout ♡

Please click HERE to book and find out more about how these sessions can help you.

Energy Clearing & Intuitive Guidance Sessions - £45

45 Minutes On-Line Only

These sessions are for those of you who would like to receive some energy clearing and intuitive guidance to help get you swiftly back on track and in your personal power. Oracle cards can be used also during the session ♡

Please book HERE or contact me directly to arrange.

Please know sessions in person are limited and by appointment only, so please contact me directly to arrange 

For more information about my healing history and experience, please click HERE.

Please come follow, comment and say hello on my social media pages where I share daily posts which I hope continue to inspire, uplift and empower you ♡

With love

Anna xo

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Contact details

Phone/WhatsApp: +447823449720


Please never hesitate to get in touch, comment or say hello ♡

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