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Anna Fisher Healing provides a safe, nurturing and empowering healing space, helping you to release the blocks that stop you from living your life and expressing yourself fully from your heart.
We offer one to one and group sessions which take place on-line via Zoom
and by appointment only in Norfolk, UK.

"Maybe the journey isn't about Becoming anything, maybe it's about unBecoming everything that isn't You, so that You can Be who You were meant to Be in the first place."

Paul Coelho

Energy Healer & Intuitive Guide

Hello my name is Anna and welcome to my website. I'm so happy that you are here.

Anna Fisher Healing has been born from my own personal healing journey and life experiences so far and which will continue to grow and evolve as do I.

I offer sessions to help you overcome any blocks, fears and anxieties that are getting in the way of you living your life, loving yourself and expressing yourself in a way that is really natural for you.

I use a variety of energy healing techniques and clearings, along with intuitive guidance and practical skills. I use this combination so that you receive healing for what is necessary to help soothe the present, heal the past and receive skills to help you to move forward more easily. Doing this makes it easier to not repeat any detrimental patterns and behaviours and therefore allowing the healing to be more transformational.

One of the things that I love the most is seeing people rediscover their own unique gifts, magic and healing talents, which happens naturally, the more you return home to your beautiful true self ♡

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One to OneSessions

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Energy Healing

These signature sessions are a beautiful healing space to help you to release, heal and transform what you would like to work on and change.

By identifying and clearing the blocks, patterns and stuck memories it makes it much easier to get to and heal the heart of the matter ♡

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Energy Clearing & Intuitive Guidance

A lovely opportunity for you to receive some intuitive guidance in alignment with your higher self, along with having your energy field cleared of any external interferences, implants, imprints and other people's energies that may be effecting your general well-being ♡

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Intuitive Energetic
Body Work

Sometimes our beautiful bodies are trying to tell us something that we are not always able to hear.

An opportunity for your body to receive some gentle energy healing where it needs it the most ♡

"The body has a super wisdom within it, that is biased towards health and not disease"
The Dynamic Laws of Healing

Catherine Ponder


Client Love

"The Divine Healing session with Anna was true blessing. She is a very intuitive healer and guide who helped me to access and release deep layers of emotions, blockages, and self-sabotage programmes. During the session, I felt held in a nurturing and safe space. I sensed unconditional presence and care, which allowed me to express every feeling and emotion. Anna is a clear channel, and all the information and guidance I received were in alignment with my heart. I am deeply grateful for all the gifts that this session brought into my life and I look forward to working with Anna again soon"  ~ Elisa G, Edinburgh


Group sessions are a beautiful way to gently receive energy healing and clearings in a sacred, safe and empowering space with soul minded people. An opportunity to connect with others whilst reconnecting to yourself.

Our Intention

We promise to provide a safe, kind, empowering & confidential healing space for each and every person that we have the pleasure to meet and work with.

We are all beautifully unique and individual and therefore so is your healing journey. You will always only receive what is in alignment with you and your higher self and which is for the best and kindest good for you and your body within each session. With anything that we share within a group or 1-1 setting, or via written word here or on social media, we encourage you to only take from it what feels right and true for you. We will never claim to heal, cure or diagnose any health conditions or guarantee results. We would always recommend that you seek medical advice and never advise you to discontinue any prescribed medicine. You are your own healer and our aim is always to empower you to honour your own truth, wisdom, personal power and self love.


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