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 healing sessions

Transformational Energy Healing Sessions

90 Minutes On-line

🌟Special Offer of £65 throughout Summer 2023🌟

These sessions are a kind, nurturing and transformational healing space that allows you to let go of what you have been holding onto, so that you can receive the healing and changes that you need and that are in alignment with you and for your best, highest and kindest good at this time.


Throughout the session you will receive energy healing and clearing of the aura, intuitive guidance, clearings and awareness, along with practical skills, information and affirmations, if required, to take away with you to allow for further personal transformation and spiritual growth to take place.


The healing space is held in pure unconditional love and connected to Higher Self, Universal Divine Source Essence, and the Angelic energies throughout.


I will also work with the Divine Healing method which is a wonderful way to identify and clear specific blocks including cellular memory, external interferences, hidden subconscious ego agendas, judgements, beliefs, parental patterning, psychological conflicts, patterns of behaviour, self sabotages, traumas and much much more that we are not consciously aware of.


You will also receive balancing of the Chakras and Qi energy in the subtle bodies, along with  flower essences, nutrition and other frequencies and energies via the ask and receive method and via the Healy, should you and your body require it and should time allow.


These sessions take place on-line via Zoom and are recorded for you and can take between 90 mins and therefore please ensure you have a quiet, comfortable space to relax and receive your healing session.

We are all beautifully unique and individual and as a result so are our healing journeys and therefore it is important for you to only receive what is the kindest for you and in alignment with you in the moment, so that you and your body can integrate and process the healing more thoroughly afterwards.  Any sessions that you wish to have thereafter will be dictated by you and when you feel you are ready and at a time and pace that works with you and for you. 

Getting to the root and addressing and nurturing anything that has become detrimental to us and our joy of life, is such a gift of self love which not only impacts ourselves but everybody else we love, live with and come across.

Please click here to find out more about my qualifications and experience, along with the main books and mentors that have contributed, supported and inspired me over the years.

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